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October 1st, 2014

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Should We Give Our Lonely Dad A Pet?





modern image of eyes modern image of eyes

How Perceptive Are You?

Some people seem to be naturally more perceptive and aware of the experiences and feelings of others. Just like natural physical athletes, naturally empathetic people do not have to work as hard to understand others who are around them.




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vision exam with a slit lamp

A First-Time Visit To An Ophthalmologist

A first-hand report on what happens when you visit a physician who specializes in eyes.



Roping A Calf

Senior Pro Rodeo

My friend Joan and her husband Terry participate in the Senior Pro Rodeo both as rodeo organizers and as competitors. I last rode a horse more that fifty years ago so (read more)



moving van

Helping Mom Move

Moving our older folks is hard for everyone and the experience can be filled with many difficult events.



Do I have Alheimer's?

Newest Information About Alzheimer's

Beginning with the ten signs of Alzheimer's, we have researched Alzheimer's treatments and what to do if you think you have Alzheimer's. We took a look at the genetics-factor and discovered that if your parent has Alzheimer's it increases you chances but is by no means a certainty that you will have it too. We learned that the newest research is divided between looking for a prevention and looking for a cure and scientists all over the world are working on new drugs. We have gathered information on the newest research breakthroughs. Take a look.



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