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Downsizing: Making Do With Less

Amy Crane


Downsizing to a smaller house isn't only for empty nesters and retirees. With the credit crunch and job losses, many homeowners must make do with less space than they desire. For those relocating to areas of the country with pricey real estate markets, downsizing might not be just a "choice" -- it may be the only option.

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Downsize Your Home to Downsize Expenses

Lisa Smith | Investopedia


Downsizing your home is most commonly associated with empty-nesters and retirees looking for smaller spaces after the kids have moved out, but it's also becoming a more popular move for a growing number of hard-working, money-smart homeowners. It's also a move that makes a lot of financial sense.>>More


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Three Tips for Downsizing Your Home and Lifestyle


Many homeowners are adjusting their lifestyle into a modest standard. The reasons are many. Some homeowners are downsizing because their children have moved out. Others are adjusting into retirement. Others still are taking advantage of the huge housing price gains of the last few years.


Moving into a smaller house is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Here are a few tips on how to get it right.>>More

Downsize to Retirement

Nikita Lee | 10.04.09

The Daily (Austrialia)


More often than not, moving out of the family home and into a new phase can mean downsizing, de-cluttering and redesigning.


But is there one effective way to cut back on the old belongings and carry the sentimental items into the new, smaller dwelling? Andreas and Anne Flach think they have found the perfect solution to starting over without the excess baggage.


“You shouldn’t attach yourself to anything,” Andreas said. “There’s one thing I’m attached to and that’s my wife.” >>More

Moving an Aging America Forward

Mary Kay Buysse | NASMM


This excellent article provides details about the Association and services of Senior Move Managers. These careful people are trained to handle the details with kindness and respect.>>Download

Stephen and Susan Ristau blog about their experiences


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Life Choices

Changing A Lifestyle Takes Courage

Gretchen Heuring | ElderThink | 04.02.09


Imagine that you have a Great American Lifestyle including a six-figure income (between you and your spouse,) a lovely home, appropriate cars and toys, an interesting social circle, and children grown and on their own.


Steve Ristau

Stephen Ristau - Taking a break while hiking in the Cascades


Now imagine that you decide to leave your jobs, sell everything, move to a new place, and reduce your standard of living. Suppose you have no idea where you will work or what you will be doing, but you have decided to lower your stress level and be happy. Great fantasy, right?


Stephen and Susan Ristau did it! They downsized their whole lives.


"I wanted to live a life of meaning and purpose," Stephen said. "I also wanted a more health-focused life. This meant more than just going to the gym or for a run. It meant changing my entire lifestyle.


Susan Ristau

Susan Ristau

Won her first triathlon



"This change was all about my identity and how I want to show up and be the world. I'm very lucky that Susan felt the same way."


For Susan, the change has been especially powerful. She focused on healthy living and, as a result, won first place for her age group in a triathlon last Fall.


Stephen quickly discovered work developing programs about Transforming Life after 50. He also volunteers one morning a week at an inner-city children's center.


Most important, these two people have happiness. You can see it shining from them.