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Yucca Valley, California

More About U.S. News & World Report's Top Ten Bargain Retirement Spots


Emily Brandon, writing for U.S. News & World Report, says "Now here's a retirement haven where the remedy for old-age aches and pains grows right outside your door. The yucca plant is a home remedy for arthritis-good news for retirees in Yucca Valley, where the plants are so prolific that the town is named for them."







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Yucca Valley



Yucca Valley, California Statistics:



Median home value:


Age 65 or over:

21 percent

Cost of living:

1.7 percent above the U.S. average

Maximum state income tax:

9.3 percent

State sales tax:

7.25 percent

*Data from U.S. News & World Report article published June 3, 2007



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Dahlonega, Georgia | Fredericksburg, Texas | Kennebunk, Maine | Melbourne Beach, Florida | Natchitoches, Louisiana | Salida, Colorado | Sandpoint, Idaho | Yuma, Arizona


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