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Exercise: A Guide from the National Institute on Aging

Exercise Guide from NIA

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Exercise Sitting Down


Here is a link to two videos showing exercises you can do while sitting in a chair. These videos were developed by Anne Pringle, a certified fitness instructor and there are clips you can view on her site. The page takes a little while to load but is worth waiting for! >>More

Yoga As A Stretching Program


Yoga provides an excellent stretching program. Yoga classes for nominal fees are available at just about every Senior Center in the country. If you are interested in exploring Yoga, WebMD has a thoughtful description. >>More



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Therapist uses movement to help frail seniors heal

Elaine Durbach | NJJN Bureau Chief/NJJN


Naomi Arad, therapist


Naomi Arad, Therapist says familiar activities like knitting can help restore well-being


For those who shrink from the idea of brisk exercise or boisterous dance, Naomi Arad has a much gentler notion of movement. “Even if you’re sitting still, there’s no such thing as stillness. You still have movement in your digestive organs, with your heart beat and your breathing,” she said.


Tapping into that movement, she said, can revive a sense of vitality even in those immobilized by pain or fear of falling. Arad, who joined the staff of Jewish Family Service of Central New Jersey in May, works with the agency’s frail elderly clients individually in their own homes, in coordination with a social worker and nurse.

Tai Chi, An Ancient Exercise Program


Tai Chi is an excellent exercise program for strength training. It is also recommended for seniors by the National Centers for Disease Control. Balance will improve quickly with regular practice of Tai Chi. It takes some learning, but it is actually a lot of fun.


Tai Chi is taught at just about every recreation center or you can see free lessons right on the internet. >>More




Exercise For Wellness


Physical Exercise for Seniors


There are different types of physical exercise that do different things for your body. For example, it is possible to be quite flexible from stretching, but not very strong at the same time because the muscles have become small.

What to ask your Doctor about physical exercise

American Geriatrics Society


"The US Surgeon General Recommends that every US adult should engage in regular physical activity. Regular physical activity has beneficial effects on most (if not all) organ systems, and it helps prevent a broad range of health problems and diseases. Most older people can safely begin low level exercise on their own and should contact their health care provider if they are contemplating moderate or strenuous exercise. The following are questions you can ask your health care provider about physical activity." >>More

Strength Exercises


According to the National Institute on Aging, even a small change in muscle size can make a big difference in strength. That's why strength exercises are so important. Improving muscle size helps people to build their capacity to do such things as walk, climb stairs and carry a package. These kinds of activities mean the difference between keeping one's independence and having to rely on others for help.


The good news is that it is never too late to build muscle mass! In fact, some researchers have found that nursing home residents performing simple strength exercises may quickly regain their capacity to perform basic activities that were lost long ago.



Stretching exercises will give you more freedom of movement and will make you more comfortable while you are moving about. There are five simple stretches that take only minutes each day and will certainly make you feel better. >>More



Cardio always involves breaking a sweat, breathing hard and getting your heart to beat faster. You can build endurance by gradually increasing exercise time and effort. You can use machines in a gym that simulate rowing, running, climbing stairs and bicycling. (You can also buy this sort of equipment for your home.) You can join an aerobics class at a gym and get cardio exercise with dance moves and there are also some excellent videos to help you with aerobic exercises at home.


There are lists of Gyms and you could probably find one near you by taking a peek. >>More