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Mental Emotional and Spiritual Care of Elders


Senior Mental Exercise


Researchers have confirmed that your brain loses capacity without exercise just like muscles do. Mental stimulation is important to seniors and this can include games and puzzles, reading something that is hard to understand and thinking it through, or taking a class.


Better Health in Australia has a program on keeping mentally fit.

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Emotional Freedom

The Chopra Center Newsletter | Sept 08


"Every emotion has a beginning and an end. Like an ocean wave, even the most painful feeling crests and dissipates. Even the happiest moment reaches a peak, then passes into memory. Emotional suffering only arises when, in our confusion, we block the natural flow of emotions by clinging tightly to resentment, grievance, and even desire.


Emotional freedom, on the other hand, is the ability to ride the waves of pain and pleasure without getting mired in either. Although this may seem like a special talent possessed by only a few, it is a process and a learnable skill."

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Spirituality and Ageing


There are many forms of spirituality and it is described in several different ways by different people. We know that it is nourishing and that people with strong spiritual beliefs often feel well and heal better than people who have none.


The Center for Spirituality and Ageing provides education and advocacy about spirituality and ethics as they are experienced in the ageing process.

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