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Home Health Care Overview
20 Questions To Ask Before Choosing
Preparing For Home Health Care
Other Resources For Help At Home
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Moving an Aging America Forward

Mary Kay Buysse | Executive Director | NASMM


This excellent article provides more details about the Association and services of Senior Move Managers.>>Download




How To Prepare for Home Health Care

U.S. Administration on Aging


Whether you arrange for home health care through an agency or hire an independent home health care aide on an individual basis, it helps to spend some time preparing for the person who will be doing the work. Ideally, you could spend a day with him or her, before the job formally begins, to discuss what will be involved in the daily routine. If nothing else, tell the home health care provider (both verbally and in writing) the following things that he or she should know about the senior:


1. Illnesses/injuries, and signs of an emergency medical situation


2. Likes and dislikes


3. Medications, and how and when they should be taken


4. Need for dentures, eyeglasses, canes, walkers, etc.


5. Possible behavior problems and how best to deal with them


6. Problems getting around (in or out of a wheelchair, for example, or trouble walking)


7. Special diets or nutritional needs


8. Therapeutic exercises


9. Clothing the senior may need (if/when it gets too hot or too cold)


10. How you can be contacted (and who else should be contacted in an emergency)


11. How to find and use medical supplies and medications


12. When to lock up the apartment/house and where to find the keys


13. Where to find food, cooking utensils, and serving items


14. Where to find cleaning supplies


15. Where to find light bulbs and flash lights, and where the fuse box is located (in case of a power failure)


16. Where to find the washer, dryer, and other household appliances (as well as instructions for how to use them).